O Shot

The O Shot is a revolutionary procedure designed to both enhance normal sexual function as well as treat sexual dysfunction disorders. It is a 15 minute, painless, in office procedure that isolates components of your own blood (Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP) to be reinjected into specific locations of the female genitalia. Mind-blowing orgasms and enhanced vaginal anatomy and function are the goals when using this treatment for sexual purposes.

The results can vary and are very specific to the individual, but can be ultimately remarkable for most women. For example, the O Shot can help a woman who has never achieved an orgasm, have the ability to finally experience the joy of reaching orgasm for the first time in her life. It would be unethical to promise complete resolution of anorgasmia with this procedure in all women because the female orgasm system is affected by multiple factors in many different parts of the body. This only serves to restore normal anatomic, neurogenic and vascular function in the clitoris and vagina, but does not effect the brain, hormonal function or dysfunctional relationships. All factors must be considered in these patients.

In normally orgasmic women, their sexual experience can be elevated to extraordinarily, mind-blowing and possibly even ejaculatory orgasms. The effects of the procedure typically last 1-3yrs, but can be cummulative in nature when more than one is performed 2-4 months apart. Additionally, combining another powerful, regenerative therapy, Amnion or Amniotic Fluid with PRP can potentially improve the results of the procedure by 4-8-fold.

Additionally, women who suffer from dyspareunia (painful intercourse) from conditions such as scarring from childbirth trauma to Lichen Sclerosis, have found relief of their symptoms after undergoing this simple, natural and safe procedure. Injections of PRP directed not only in the original O Shot locations, but also in pelvic pain associated trigger points or Lichen Sclerosis lesions, have been shown to provide relief of horrific, painful symptoms that have previously been extremely difficult for physicians to treat. Correcting these conditions does not only relieve physical discomfort, but can restore missing connections between partners resulting in enhancing intimacy or saving relationships.